Champlain Valley Outdoor Education Cooperative

Our Mission: To work with school groups, individuals, and organizations to expand knowledge and interest in the outdoors and integrate its exploration into more formal educational settings and curriculum requirements.


Nature Trail Program

Nature TrailAge: 3rd-6th Grade

This day-long field trip includes a 90-minute walk on the nature trail with a trained naturalist. Students will learn about:

  • life cycles
  • food webs
  • trees
  • plants
  • animal signs
  • camouflage
  • adaptations
  • and much more

Students also do activities on tracking and classification, play the predator–prey game and learn to draw animals.

Teachers will also receive a programming packet providing activities to enhance the science concepts introduced on their field trip. Programs are designed to supplement elementary science curriculum and meet NYS Science Content Standards.

Black Kettle Activities

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meet the naturalists

Sheri Amsel
Author, Illustrator, Outdoor Educator, Naturalist

Sheri Amsel, Program Coordinator

Elizabeth Lee
Program Instructor
NYS Licensed Guide,
Outdoor Educator,

Elizabeth Lee, Program Instructor

David Thomas-Train
Program Instructor
Certified Teacher,
Outdoor Educator, Naturalist

David Thomas-Train, Program Instructor